Meet the Citation Sovereign

In 2002, the Cessna Citation Sovereign took its first flight. Created to bridge the gap between the Citation Excel/XLS and the Citation X, the Sovereign falls in the Super Midsize Jet class and offers many impressive features.

The Citation Sovereign was designed to offer exceptional overall performance, while also providing unrivaled comfort and amenities for passengers. The Sovereign’s spacious interior is over 24 feet long and offers many amenities typical of a Heavy Jet, such as a full size refreshment center, several entertainment options and a full size lavatory. It can seat up to 8 passengers comfortably and the cabin height is tall enough at 5′ 8″ that most people can stand up. The baggage space in the Citation Sovereign is unmatched compared to other Super Midsize Jets with 135 cubic feet of baggage space.

Citation Sovereign Exterior

The Citation Sovereign has a truly impressive range with its coast-to-coast capabilities. The long range makes the Sovereign a customer favorite because it compares to a Heavy Jet, but is more economical as far as fuel economy. It performs exceptionally well at high elevations and is very capable of take-off and landing from shorter runways.

Citation Sovereigns are also a favorite of pilots because of its many automatic features and easy handling.  With an improved wing design that drastically improves airflow and lift capabilities, the Sovereign is able to cruise  at speeds of 514 mph.  It is equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306C turbofan engines that are flat-rates to minimize noise pollution, and provide 5,600 lbs of thrust during takeoff. From the landing gear to the brake system and unique variable gearing mechanism that adjusts the jet’s flaps to optimal angles during flight, the Citation Sovereign is hard to beat in overall performance, comfort, versatility, and range.

Citation Sovereign Exterior

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