The Citation Jet 4: An Elite Light Jet

Photo credits: Cessna Textron Aviation

The Cessna Citation Jet 4 is a light jet, taking its first flight in May of 2008.  According to Cessna, “the CJ4 has added speed, range and cabin size over its predecessor (Citation Jet 3) without incurring midsize jet operating costs.” While both the CJ2 and CJ3 will remain in production and available for charter, the CJ4 offers many pilot and passenger-friendly enhancements.

The Citation Jet 4 (CJ4) was designed for versatility, able to travel 2491 statute miles before needing a fuel stop. The CJ4 cruises at average speeds of 519 mph and like the CJ3, it offers impressive short runway capabilities, allowing it to be chartered in and out of smaller airports getting passengers closer to their destination. The CJ4 differs most significantly from previous Citation Jets in its swept wing design which was modeled after the Citation Sovereign.

Photo credits: Cessna by Textron Aviation

The CJ4 is not only fuel-efficient, it offers single-point refueling capabilities and can easily fly from New York to Phoenix.  The CJ4 is powered by two Williams International FJ44-4A engines each offering 3,621 pounds of thrust. When designing the CJ4, Cessna’s engineers relocated the main landing gear inboard, thus reducing the track.  A narrower track significantly improves ground handling of the aircraft.  Cessna also prides itself on their jets’ landing gear. “The same long-stroke, trailing-link landing gear common to all CJs guarantees the softest landings and smooth taxiing.”

The CJ4’s cabin sits seven passengers comfortably, with two seats for the crew. As far as cabin amenities, the CJ4 has everything you need and more. “Six deep-cushioned, wide leather seats track in three directions and can be configured to fully recline for long, comfortable trips. Each features a patented retractable armrest with available lumbar support and seat-side media docks.” The cabin offers WiFi, temperature control, and the highly regarded Rockwell Collins Venue™ High-Definition Integrated Cabin Management System.

Photo credits: Cessna by Textron Aviation

The CJ4’s lavatory is unique because it is externally serviceable. This aircraft also has a small refreshment center and retractable tables, perfect for conducting business or for personal entertainment purposes. The cabin measures 17′ 4″ in length, 4′ 9″ in height and 4′ 10″ in width. The external baggage space in the Citation Jet 4 is generous at 77 cubic feet and can hold several pieces of luggage.

CJ4s are well liked by passengers and pilots alike for their reputation of superior performance, range and speed.

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Citation Jet 4 Specifications

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