Management Team

Don Smith, Chief Operating Officer

Don Smith is Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for the development of FlyPrivate carrier operations and the implementation of FlyPrivate overall strategic plans. With experience in operations and sales, Don is uniquely qualified to recognize and deliver value to FlyPrivate customers. Under Don’s leadership, FlyPrivate has earned great respect within the carrier community, which in turn leverages great opportunities for its customers. He has also been able to forge equally strong relationships with some of the country’s most active business and personal private flyers, introducing them to FlyPrivate exceptional value proposition.

Prior to FlyPrivate, Don was director of national accounts at eBizJets/Sentient Jet where he was responsible for the implementation of the corporate sales program of the eBizJets Travel Card.

Don holds a BS in Finance from Northeastern University.

Greg Goodwin, Vice President of Marketing

Greg Goodwin is the Vice President of Marketing for FlyPrivate. Greg has 22 years of operations, sales and sales management experience, including the last 20 years in the aviation industry.

Greg’s vast experience has helped FlyPrivate deliver to its customers a value proposition unmatched in aviation. FP customers enjoy a seamless, smooth experience that meets or exceeds their expectations each time they fly. His knowledge of what private jet consumers expect and need is superior and helps FlyPrivate have an intimate relationship with it’s customers.

Prior to FlyPrivate, Greg was the Director of Charter Sales for eBizJets/Sentient Jet. In his tenure at eBizJets, Greg was responsible for thousands of charter flights and their logistical requirements, including complex road shows for multinational corporations and one-way itineraries to and from vacation destinations across the globe. He has worked closely with high-ranking corporate executives, professional athletes, and entertainers.

Greg holds a BA from Villanova University.

Steve Schofield, Director of Client Services

Steve Schofield is the Director of Client Services at FlyPrivate. Steve has 25 years of sales and management experience, the last 20 have been in the aviation industry.

Steve brings a breadth of charter industry experience and knowledge to the customers of FlyPrivate. Over the years, Steve has been directly involved with thousands of flights and knows how to deliver the type of experience that FlyPrivate customers have come to expect.

Prior to FlyPrivate, Steve was the Director of Client Services for eBizJets/Sentient Jet where he worked closely with high-level executives, athletes and entertainers alike.

Steve holds a BS in Business Management from Northeastern University.

Letter from the COO

Dear Private Jet Traveler:

We started FlyPrivate in 2002 with a mission of improving the private jet travel experience from booking to flying to billing. Every day, we strive to make private jet travel more accessible, more cost effective and simple to use.

We use our own proprietary booking system technology and our team of experts, to get you, your business or your family where you need to be. We are a leader in flight quote turnaround and in locating and booking specific jets for your particular needs. We take pride in flawless execution of thousands of flights.

We work as a team with you as a trusted member of your family or organization to make sure you get to your destination safely and comfortably, without all the hassles and cost surprises — all for a fair price.

Call us today. We will help you quickly get a quote and experience the customer service difference that has made us one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing travel companies.

Don Smith
COO, FlyPrivate

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