Business Travel

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Executive Travel 

Did you know that the average CEO or senior Executive Team adds $19,000 of value per day to their organization? If we can save you a day or add a day of productivity the investment in private charter pays for itself. Learn more »

Executive Assistants and Travel Planners

Designed to allow for the utmost efficiency in your corporate or individual business plans, we offer special business services. Learn more about corporate procurement incentives for new accounts. Learn more »

One-Way Flights — Last Minute Flights — Emergency Lift

Stuck after a commercial cancellation or need to be home for vital family events. Many a private flier began their career with the last minute flight. At FlyPrivate® we specialize in offering cost-effective pricing our client’s access in a moments notice when needed. We are always available for you with our national access to 2,000 safety-audited aircraft.

Corporate Road Show

Multiple facilities tours, client visits, financial tours. At FlyPrivate® we are experts at the details and logistical support of the corporate road show. We have access to 2,000 safety-audited aircraft, we offer round trip access, multiple aircraft, one-ways, Private/ Commercial combinations and mission critical redundancy. Our gold standard client service desk that thrives on the last minute changes handles each road show. Learn more »

Executive Commute

Opportunities exist for companies to attract top talent to their company but the executive doesn’t want to relocate. There are also situations where you may be able to prolong the career of a viable executive or board member. Are you an executive looking to spend more time at your second home? Call us today for details on how you can benefit from an executive commute package.

Special Events

Corporate retreats, client entertaining, The Masters, Super Bowl, NCAA events, you name it we have handled it. Maximize your experience, minimize the time required. Learn more »

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