Ascend in the Best-in-Class Phenom 300

Photo credits: Embraer

The Phenom is a light jet, developed by Embraer in 2005 and put into operation in 2009.  According to Embraer, “the goal was to bring forth innovative solutions that would redefine the standard for both performance and comfort and offer advanced technologies, from the flight deck to the cabin, that previously were found only on much larger, more expensive jets. The best-selling light business jet in the world seven years in a row, Embraer’s Phenom 300 made waves as the fastest, most efficient and longest-range single-pilot aircraft in the market.”

The Phenom 300 is one of the most requested jets for charter with its impressive range and performance, able to travel 2268 statute miles before needing a fuel stop. The Phenom 300 cruises at average speeds of 495 mph with impressive short runway capabilities, allowing it to be chartered in and out of smaller airports getting passengers closer to their destination. The Phenom 300 is best-in-class for single-pilot jets with its notable design, innovation and technological advancements.

The Phenom 300 can fly with ease from Dallas to New York or Palm Springs to Washington D.C. without a fuel stop. It is able to fly at higher altitudes (45,000 ft. service ceiling to avoid inclement weather) and take off and land from higher elevations than most competitor aircraft. The Phenom 300 offers the lowest fuel consumption in its class and produces significantly less CO2 than both older and newer comparable aircraft. It can also be fueled in just 12 minutes from empty to full!

The Phenom 300’s cabin seats six passengers comfortably. This jet boasts the largest windows and baggage compartment in its class and features beautiful interior design by BMW. Even the lavatory seat has a window, not typical in light jets. Taking a closer look at the cabin, the Phenom 300 showcases clean lines, lots of natural light from the special “Oval Lite” window design and luxurious leather and wooden details. The cabin offers WiFi, an on-board entertainment system, refreshment center and a state-of-the-art glass cockpit with an integrated avionics system by Garmin.

The cabin measures 17′ 2″ in length, 4′ 10″ in height and 5′ 1″ in width. The external baggage space in the Phenom 300 is generous at 74 cubic feet and can hold several pieces of luggage including suitcases, golf clubs and skis.

Phenom 300s are in demand and popular for charter passengers and pilots for their cabin comforts, cutting-edge technology, fuel efficiency and range.

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Phenom 300 Specifications

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