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FlyPrivate has combined all the best aspects of jet ownership, fractional ownership, membership, and charter. At the same time we’ve eliminated the long-term contracts, blackout periods and big up-front fees that you’d find in many fractional and membership programs.

FlyPrivate vs Jet Ownership

Many people purchase aircraft so that they can guarantee themselves access to private aircraft. This works well for those who want to actually get into the aviation business. One needs to hire pilots, have the jet maintained, hangared, etc. which may be overkill if one is simply seeking access. Flying with a carrier selected by FlyPrivate gives you all the benefits of owning an aircraft with none of the headaches.

FlyPrivate vs Fractional Ownership

On the surface, fractional ownership would seem to eliminate many of the hassles of whole ownership while providing many of the benefits. The truth is, fractional ownership has its own set of headaches. Five-year, inflexible contracts, acquisition fees, monthly management fees, and exit fees are just a few of the drawbacks of a fractional scheme. FlyPrivate has none of the fees or contracts and, most importantly, no blackout dates.

FlyPrivate vs Jet Membership

Jet membership programs claim to be the panacea for every private flier. They guarantee access and rates in exchange for the customer putting large sums of money on account with them. Two problems here. Number one, the rates of most membership programs are not competitive. Even though they tell you otherwise, you pay for positioning fees (packed into exorbitant hourly rates). Second, why do they need to hold your money? What, exactly, are they doing with it? At FlyPrivate, we suggest that you hold onto your money and only pay us when you actually fly.

Service Comparison

Your Personal Needs

We work diligently to get to know your personal needs so we can deliver favorite meals, aircraft preferences, and ground travel arrangements automatically. We build long-lasting relationships by getting to know you as our guest in order to consistently offer, safe, high quality, cost effective private jet service. The FlyPrivate program offers a personal Sr. Account Manager 24/7 making sure you get best aircraft, when and where you want them at the best price.

Pricing Guidelines

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