Pricing Guidelines

Our process for providing you customized private charter jet travel is straightforward and fast. Every time you request a flight from FlyPrivate online or through our Client Service Representatives, you’ll first get a quote sent to you detailing the exact cost of your flight. Our customers tell us they dislike being nickel-and-dimed by surprise “taxi fees” or “fuel surcharges” when they get billed by their private jet company. That will never happen with FlyPrivate.

Domestic Pricing Guidelines

The guideline prices listed above are an estimate for domestic transportation. It does not include a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax, and does not include, where applicable, a per passenger facility charge of up to $18.00 per round-trip, a September 11 Security Fee of $2.50 per passenger enplanement, and a per flight segment tax of $4.00 per passenger. For international transportation (including Mexican and Canadian transborder operations), please contact FlyPrivate for a separate price quotation.

Additional Flight Services and Fees

  • Crew Overnight Fee $500/night (Light, Midsize) $1000/night (Heavy)
  • Flight Attendant Standard on Heavy Jets (otherwise case by case)
  • Fuel Surcharge Guidelines (If required, may vary by region and category)
  • Catering Special Services (beyond standard complimentary)
  • Phone Billed at cost by carrier operator
  • International Fees Costs vary, can be quoted
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