How Much Can I Bring?

How Much Luggage Can I Bring?

We hear this exact question quite often from our clients. Many times our clients have very specific luggage requirements for their trips. They may need space for golf clubs, skis, firearms for a hunting trip, a baby stroller, or any number of things, in addition to their standard luggage requirements. The easiest way to determine which aircraft will suit your individual needs, is to keep in mind that generally as the jets get larger and have a longer range, they also have more luggage space.

In-flight access to the luggage space depends on the type of aircraft. Some planes have access from within the cabin, some only through the outside of the plane, while others have luggage space and access from both the interior and exterior of the jet.

The number of passengers on the aircraft will also determine how much luggage space will be available. The range of the aircraft corresponds directly to the jet’s total weight, so it’s very important that the pilot and/or charter company knows exactly what luggage you will be bringing on board.

Aircraft and Luggage Specifications

If you have already determined which aircraft you will flying on or prefer to travel on a specific model of jet, take a look at our Aircraft Specifications to get an idea if that jet will suit your needs in terms of passenger and luggage capacities.

While there are no clear-cut luggage restrictions for private jets, everything undoubtedly has to fit on the aircraft. Sometimes the runway length can also affect the amount of weight a jet can carry. Work with your aviation provider prior to traveling so you can pack accordingly and choose the best jet option for your trip.

Please call or email our Client Services team so we can provide you with the best flight options and quotes to suit your trip.

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