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Q & A with Jan Jones: Is A Customer Service Perspective Integral to the Role of the Executive Assistant?

In this article, author Jan Jones, discusses whether a customer service perspective is integral to the role of the executive assistant.  FlyPrivate is a proud partner and associate of Jan Jones. Jan brings valuable, actionable information to executive assistants across…


I think they are fantastic. My boss is in the air all the time. All I do is pick up the phone and call, it’s very easy.

Boston, MA

FlyPrivate might be smaller. We used to use Delta Air Elite. They didn’t respond right away and their system is more complicated.  As long as it’s easy for me that’s all I care about.

Chicago, IL

Thanks for a great flight. My wife and I enjoyed the trip and the dogs seemed fine. We now have an easy way to travel back and forth to Naples. Thanks!

Naples, FL

Steve, the plane was great, pilots were awesome and we had a great time. Thanks for everything buddy!

Chicago, IL