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Q & A with Jan Jones: Is A Customer Service Perspective Integral to the Role of the Executive Assistant?

In this article, author Jan Jones, discusses whether a customer service perspective is integral to the role of the executive assistant.  FlyPrivate is a proud partner and associate of Jan Jones. Jan brings valuable, actionable information to executive assistants across…


Hate to do this, but full disclosure: I am going to drain my Wheels Up account so I can come back to your per-trip service. Short term miss, long term gain.

Westchester, NY

Thanks again for the two upgrades on the trip. I really appreciate it since it made the trip much more comfortable for my wife and her new knee replacements.”

Lake Forest, IL

One of my friends who is flying with Flight Options said ‘We don’t get this sort of treatment!

Washington, DC

I think they are fantastic. My boss is in the air all the time. All I do is pick up the phone and call, it’s very easy.

Boston, MA