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Jon and his group had a great time and were thrilled with your service. Will keep you in mind for the next trip. It certainly made my job easier!!

Boston, MA

I wanted to make sure that you knew that on this past trip that was scheduled for my executive team., he was very impressed with the pilot and co-pilot.  He said that these two gentlemen were the best he had ever had!  I wanted to make sure you knew this; sometimes the only correspondence you receive is when there is a problem.  Thank you, again.

New York, NY

Thank you very much for the excellent service and handling of our friends.  They are happy to be home in Dallas.  I appreciate the upgrade and they appreciated the crew and delicious breakfast.  Thanks again.

Dallas, TX

Steve, a very belated thanks for the wonderful trip I took to Canada with FlyPrivate in September. I enjoyed the ease of travel immensely! I’ll keep you in mind next time!

Jackson, WY