Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using FlyPrivate vs chartering with my local operator?

With FlyPrivate, we offer availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in light, midsize and heavy jets. The choice is yours! Our rapid response is tops in the industry. In addition, with FlyPrivate, you’ll never pay landing fees or positioning fees and one way pricing is always available. Learn more »

How does FlyPrivate compare with Fractional Ownership Plans?

With FlyPrivate, you don’t have an acquisition fee or a monthly maintenance fee. You pay only for what you use. We don’t ask for money up front, you simply pay by the trip. We don’t tie you up with long term contracts or commitments, giving you the ultimate flexibility. 

What about Safety?

All aircraft are Part 135 Certified, one of the most stringent standards in the country. In addition, FlyPrivate requires a third party safety audit of each operator from organizations such as ARG/US, and Aviation Research Group of the United States. 

How do I book a flight with FlyPrivate?

Booking a flight with FlyPrivate is as easy as picking up the phone, submitting a quote request on our website, or through the FlyPrivate app. Simply give us the details of your itinerary and we’ll have a quote produced within minutes.

How many jets are available and how do I know what kind of aircraft I may need for my trip?

The number of jets available to FlyPrivate clients is 2,000. All jets are owned by high net worth individuals and corporations who have the jets on Part 135 Air Carrier Certificates. The vast size of the network allows us to guarantee access 365 days a year. The category of aircraft required for your mission is a product of four things: passenger count, baggage requirements, range, and budget. Our customer service staff can help you select which cabin class aircraft is right for your trip. Learn more »

How is it that FlyPrivate is able to offer such a better value than it’s competitors?

FlyPrivate has the experience, the method, and the proprietary software to offer the most cost-effective solutions in private aviation to it’s customers.

Can I request a specific make and model jet?

Absolutely. We offer two different services. Customers can choose either the best-positioned jet in a category (Light, Mid-Sized, Heavy) or they can select a specific make and model. The “best-positioned” plan tends to cost less.

Can I get information on arrivals, departure times and ground transportation?

Our client services team can keep you updated of departure and arrivals to the minute. This allows us to efficiently keep you informed executive movements to confirm and adjust schedules on the ground for meetings and transportation. We are happy to assist in the arrangement of your ground transportation should you require it. Our Client Services Team understands the importance of communication and devises a plan with you to make your travel as productive as possible.

How many passengers can I fit on a jet?

We recommend no more than 6 passengers on a Light Jet, no more than 7 on a Midsize and no more than 11 on a Heavy Jet.

How much luggage can we bring?

Light Jets have an average of 50 cubic feet of luggage space which is a little bit bigger than the average trunk in a mid-sized sedan. Midsized Jets typically have 60 cubic feet, while Heavy Jets can have 120 cubic feet of luggage space. If you intend to bring golf clubs, skis or have any other special luggage requirement, please let your client services representative know. We’re more than happy to help. Learn more »

How much notice do I need to give FlyPrivate on my flights?

FlyPrivate can get you off the ground as quickly as possible. We recommend that you contact us as soon as you are aware of possible trips.

If I cancel a flight, will I be charged a fee?

We’re not in the business of charging needless fees and realize that schedules change so we try to be as flexible as possible. However, some trips come with cancellation terms. We will make you aware of those terms upon booking.

Can I bring my pets with me on flights?

We love pets! Please be advised, however, that your pet must be restrained during takeoff and landing. We also require that you let your client services representative know if you are planning on bringing pets along with you on your flights. 

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