You’ll Love the Citation Excel!

The Cessna Citation Excel was first introduced to the world in 1997. The Citation Excel was modeled around the airframe of larger, super midsize jet the Citation X. The Citation Excel wings were modeled from the Citation Ultras and the fuselage is basically the same as the Citation VII, which the Excel has since replaced.

The Citation Excel (also referred to as the Citation XL, Citation XLS, or Citation XLS+) was designed for travelers looking for the space, range and comforts of a midsize jet with the cost, takeoff, and landing capabilities of a light jet. The Excel can reach full altitude in only 18 minutes and can take off from shorter runways than any other midsize jet. The pilot-friendly design of the cockpit on the Citation Excel allows for an easy preflight check and the Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics system allows pilots to have all the information they need on only three display screens.

The interior of the Citation Excel can comfortably fit up to 8 passengers with several different cabin configurations. The cabin is over 18 feet long with enough height to stand up in, over a half of a foot taller than other jets in the midsize class. The interior also has sliding headrests, fold-out tables, a refreshment center, and is quieter than competing jets. The Citation Excel has a generous baggage compartment providing 80 cubic feet of external storage and another internal closet to hold a few smaller items.

The Citation Excel truly is a favorite amongst private fliers. There are more flights flown on a Citation Excel than any other model of aircraft. Cessna has since developed updated models of the Excel, the Citation XLS and XLS+, with newer avionics and engine computers. The Excel is so popular because it offers the range, comfort, and baggage capacity of a midsize jet while operating more like a light jet with it’s runway capabilities and value for the money.

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Citation Excel Specifications

Citation XLS Specifications

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