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The Dassault Falcon 900 is a heavy jet designed as a larger, enhanced version of the Falcon 50 super midsize jet. The Falcon 900 received FAA certification in 1986, and while it does share a similar configuration to the Falcon 50, it has a larger range, can seat more passengers and has a longer and wider fuselage. The longer fuselage allows the interior to be more spacious and comfortable, while also providing passengers a bit of separation from the crew.

Photo credits: Dassault Falcon

The Falcon 900s’ design incorporates composite materials wherever possible, drastically reducing the weight of the aircraft. The flight range is impressive, able to travel 4,600 statute miles because of the innovative three-engine configuration. The third engine is ideal for international flights and also offers flight planning and safety benefits. The Falcon 900 can seat up to 12 passengers and travels at average speeds up to 536 mph. The Falcon 900 jets share virtually the same wing design as the Falcon 50.

Falcon 900
Photo credits: Dassault Falcon

In 1994, Dassault introduced the Falcon 900EX, a longer range version of the Falcon 900 with increased fuel capacity. The Falcon 900EX features a Honeywell Primus 2000 avionics package, engine upgrades that provide the aircraft with additional thrust, and a Head-Up Display for the pilot.

Falcon 900
Photo credits: Dassault Falcon

The Falcon 900s offer a spacious cabin with some seats that can be reclined into a full-length bed perfect for a mid-flight nap. All of the additional seats are also fully adjustable, able to swivel and recline.  This jet also has a private lavatory, as well as an isolated galley and cockpit. The Falcon 900 offers 127 cubic feet of internal baggage space that can be accessed during your flight.

Few other jets in its class can compete with the Falcon 900 in terms of passenger comfort, range and performance.

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