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The Global Express and its derivatives (Global 5000/6000Global XRS, Global 7000/8000) are Bombardier’s ultra long-range aircraft. The Global 5000 (and Global 6000) is an exceptional heavy jet with unmatched comfort, efficiency and design. According to Bombardier, “Every detail in the Global 5000 aircraft cabin has been carefully designed to bring you the smoothest, most refreshing, and productive experience you can expect from a business jet.”

The Global 5000 can make trans-Atlantic flights with ease, but still excels for trips spanning shorter distances. Able to cruise at altitudes up to 51,000 feet, this jet can often avoid bad weather by flying above it.

Photo courtesy of Bombardier

The cabin in the Global 5000/6000 is well appointed for business or pleasure with a spacious “living room” area, a private stateroom with divans for sleeping, a full galley, wide aisles, lots of natural light and full lavatories. The seats in the Global 5000 were designed by for ultimate comfort and support in the back and headrests.  Some models even come equipped with an electrically deployed conference table.

The cabin measures at 2,169 cubic feet of space with 6’2″ in height, 7’11” in width and 40’9″ in length. Some of the technological amenities include: a Rockwell Collins Cabin Electronics System (CES), high-speed internet, power outlets, a wireless phone, scanner and fax, a multimedia system with CD/DVD player, 3D maps,  several touch screen TV monitors, customizable LED lighting, a Honeywell Primus 2000XP avionics suite, advanced soundproofing, a conference table area and more.

Photo courtesy of Bombardier

The galley of the Global 5000 is also quite impressive and includes: a microwave and convection oven, coffee/espresso machine, custom china, chiller, sink and faucet, and space for hot and cold meal prep. Bombardier says, “Access what you require, as required. With the high-capacity luggage compartment safely accessible throughout the flight, your personal items are always within reach.” With a comfort-focused cabin and ample baggage space (195 cubic feet), you will have everything you need for the most enjoyable private jet experience.

Photo courtesy of Bombardier

When it comes to performance, the Global 5000/6000 ranks at the top of the class. This jet has two Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR710A2-20 turbofan engines, allowing it a range of 5984 statue miles and a cruise speed of 560 mph, carrying up to 12-14 passengers depending on the individual model. “The Global 5000 aircraft maintains an astonishing range when taking off from wet and short runways. With its powerful engines, oversized carbon brakes and advanced wing design, rainy conditions won’t keep you from getting to your destination.” Bombardier commends the Global 5000/6000 for its operational flexibility, short takeoff range, and ability to operate with ease in poor weather conditions.

Overall, Bombardier has really hit the mark for personal and business travelers, no matter what the mission. If you’re in need of a heavy jet, be sure to keep the Global 5000/6000 at the top of your list.

Photo courtesy of Bombardier

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