Take Your Next Trip in a Falcon 50

The Falcon 50 is often used as a cost effective alternative to a heavy jet. This jet features a galley with plenty of space for meal service, a fully enclosed lavatory, enough baggage space to accommodate 8 full-size suitcases or sets of golf clubs, and often comes equipped with a cabin attendant and Wi-Fi. The cabin is very comfortable with leather chairs, fold-out tables, and couch seating. The quiet cabin makes the Falcon 50 ideal for business meetings or just relaxing.

The Dassault Falcon 50 is a super midsize jet designed to meet the demand and need for an aircraft that could travel non-stop, coast to coast. The Falcon 50 is the Falcon family’s first transoceanic aircraft based on the earlier design of the Falcon 20. The Falcon 50 typically seats 9 and can travel 3,430 statute miles at average speeds up to 460 mph. It also offers impressive runway performance,
requiring only a short takeoff distance.

The Falcon 50 was produced after a complete redesign of the wings of the Falcon 20 and contains three jet engines instead of the two jet engines on board the Falcon 20. This made the Falcon 50 the world’s first civilian jet with supercritical wings to minimize drag and noise pollution, a breakthrough technology for the time.

The Falcon 50 EX, an upgraded version of the Falcon 50, was later introduced and designed to fly a bit higher and faster than the original Falcon 50, while also reducing fuel consumption by about 7%.

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Falcon 50 Aircraft Specifications

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