If the Need is Speed, Look to Citation X

Photo credits: Cessna

Loyal Citation customers sought increased baggage capacity, longer range and more speed at a time when Lear jets were the champions of speed and range but were limited on cabin size and baggage area. Cessna needed to develop something bold for their loyal following.

Photo credits: Cessna

Using the same fuselage diameter as their popular Citation VII (5’6″ x 5’8″) the Cessna design team developed 35% more baggage capacity and stretched the cabin length by 25%. Engineers doubled the thrust of the engines, increased their intake capacity and adjusted the sweep of the wing. The result was a stunning increase in cruising speed from 506 mph to 588 mph with top speed capability of 699 mph, creating not only a faster jet, but also a revolutionary new model. The six-year project culminated in the birth of the “fastest civilian aircraft in the world”, the Citation X (roman numeral ten).

The increased speed and 3,000-mile range make the Citation X very popular for coast-to-coast trips and for customers who are looking to take advantage of the possible time-saving. The fastest we have ever tracked one of our customers in a Citation X was 627 mph on a trip from SNA-TEB. This resulted in a one-hour time-saving over a heavy or midsize jet. The Citation X is classified as a super midsize jet.

Photo credits: Cessna

If you have the need for speed we have your answer. FlyPrivate customers have on-demand access to the entire national and international charter fleet of the Citation X. They are popular aircraft and book up as swiftly as they fly.

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