Hawker 800XP: A Charter Favorite

Hawker 800XP

Raytheon (the maker of the midsize Hawker series) purchased the midsize jet the BAE 125-800 from British Aerospace (BAE). It was renamed the Hawker 800 after purchase and later with some enhancements, the Hawker 800XP (XP standing for extended performance). Production of the Hawker 800XP was also moved from the United Kingdom to the United States. In 2007, Beechcraft became the new manufacturer of the Hawker 800XP when Raytheon was sold. Today, the midsize jet is manufactured in several places around the United Kingdom, but the jet is tested and assembled in the United States.

Hawker 800XP

The Hawker 800XP quickly became one of the most popular jets in the midsize class, especially popular among business travelers because of its spacious cabin and configuration, making it easy to conduct meetings in the sky. The cabin is larger than its competitor the Learjet 60 and longer than the also popular Citation Excel. The Hawker 800XP also comes equipped with a VGA port so passengers can project presentations and/or movies from their tablets and laptops onto the two VGA monitors.

The Hawker 800XP is a great midsize option for passengers looking for space, comfort and long range performance. It is a preferred option for trips with 8 passengers or less and compares to the luxury found on super midsize jets.

This jet is impressive for many reasons, but its improved climb and cruise speeds, powerful twin engines, weight limits and ability to take off and land from shorter runways, make it a customer favorite. The Hawker 800XP also comes equipped standard with an airliner style lavatory, a hot and cold galley, comfortable reclining leather seats in a club configuration, retractable tables, and is great for meeting, working, dining and conversation. There is also a three person divan (small couch) for a passenger to lay down, and a baggage compartment that can be accessed while in flight.

Hawker 800XP Specifications

For many customers the Hawker 800XP is their preferred method of travel and we are proud to offer this popular aircraft to our customers at a considerable savings and value.

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