Land Closer to Your Destination in the Citation Jet 2

Citation Jet 2

Cessna’s Citation Jet 2 was flown for the first time in 2000 as an upgrade to beloved Citation Jet 1. It is the second model in the Citation Jet line. With a number of enhancements, this light jet is a perfect choice for private fliers looking for an aircraft with versatility, high-performance, and lower operating costs.

The Citation Jet 2 (CJ2) was designed to be easily flown with a single pilot, able to travel 1237+ statute miles before needing a fuel stop. This CJ2 is also noted for its fuel efficiency due in large part to the two Williams/Rolls-Royce FJ44-2C turbofan engines, with 400+ lbs. more thrust than the Citation CJ1 at takeoff. The CJ2 cruises at average speeds of 475 mph and offers best-in-class runway capabilities, allowing it to takeoff and land at smaller airports with ease, getting you closer to your destination in less time.

CJ2 Interior

Another major improvement to the CJ2 is the transition from the straight wing design of the CJ1 to a laminar flow wing. The switch to the laminar flow wings with the stretched wingspan greatly improved overall lift-to-drag performance. 

The CJ2’s cabin is also more spacious than its predecessor, stretched 33 additional inches. The cabin sits six passengers comfortably at a total volume of 248 cubic feet. The cabin is 50 cubic feet larger than the cabin of the CJ1 and can generally accommodate one more passenger.

The cabin measures 13′ 7″ in length, 4′ 10″ in height and 4′ 10″ in width. The external baggage space in the Citation Jet 2 is generous at 70 cubic feet and can hold several pieces of luggage with an additional 4 cubic feet of baggage space on the interior. The CJ2 also has a small galley and lavatory on board.

The Citation Jet 2 avionics include: A Flight Management System, Full Glass Cockpit Technology, Dual GPS Navigation, Traffic Collision Avoidance System, and a Ground Proximity Warning System.

CJ2s are a light jet favorite of passengers and pilots alike for their fuel performance, runway capabilities, and affordability.

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Citation Jet 2 Specifications

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