The Challenger 850: Unrivaled Cabin Comforts

The Bombardier Challenger 850 was first certified in 2006 (as an upgrade to the Challenger 800) and is still in production today. This jet is unique because it was derived from the CRJ200 airliner and shares the same airframe and dual CE CF34-3B1 turbofan engines. The Challenger 850 can carry large loads over transcontinental distances (i.e. New York to Los Angeles), making it a versatile heavy jet option for personal and business travelers alike. 

The spacious cabin is the same as the Global 6000, with a shorter range, often offering substantial cost savings. The Challenger 850’s cabin can be configured 3 ways to meet unique business requirements and is laid out in 3 zones. It offers a well-equipped galley and a full-sized, private deluxe lavatory for passengers, with an additional forward lavatory for the crew. The noise-reduction technology makes for a peaceful trip, while the addition of an audio/video system, internet access and satellite phone, make conducting business in the air a breeze.

The Challenger 850’s cabin is very spacious with 6’1″ of standing height and measures over 7’2″ in width and 48’4″ in length. With 30% more cabin space than its closest competitor, this aircraft will accommodate 12-15 passengers comfortably, as well as 2 crew members and a flight attendant. The Challenger 850 also has a generous baggage compartment providing 115 cubic feet of internal baggage space that is accessible during flight.

The Challenger 850 has a range of around 3,230 statute miles with 12 passengers on board, and flies at an average speed of 528 mph. The cockpit is equipped with a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 avionics system, an all glass cockpit, dual digital radios, color weather radar and six display screens, offering the highest level of jet charter safety.  

The Challenger 850 offers the best combination of size, comfort and value and is a favorite of corporate and leisure passengers alike.

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Challenger 850 Specifications

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