Jet Setting: 10 Tips for Success

1. Arrive early. With no security lines and no crowds, there is no excuse for being late. Time is money and the host can incur additional costs for delays.

2. Have your ID ready. Be sure to bring the proper ID and travel documents with you and have them readily accessible.

3. Pack light. With weight restrictions on private planes, less baggage is ideal. If you don’t know what’s appropriate in terms of how many bags you may bring, ASK. 

4. Do your homework. The private terminal is called an FBO, “fixed base operation.” There is a pilot and co-pilot who fly in the flight deck, while the passengers fly in the cabin. As on a boat, the lavatory is the bathroom and galley is the kitchen. Some flights will have additional crew including flight attendants.

5. Where do I sit? It is customary to let the host choose their seat first and assign the remaining seats. If you’re not sure where the host wants you to sit, politely ask “Where would you like me to sit?”

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6. Pets. Don’t ever assume you can bring your pet unless you have permission from the host in advance.

7. In flight entertainment. When there is a lull in the conversation, make sure you have something to keep yourself occupied like a book or a tablet. If you’re traveling with children, make sure to bring quiet toys to keep them busy during your trip.

8. A tip on tipping…Don’t. This is not your responsibility and would be left to the host or person in charge of booking the trip.

9. Respect the amenities. This should go without saying, but keep plane lavatories clean and realize that you will have to sacrifice some privacy because of tight accommodations.

10. Sharing is caring. Make sure to bring a personal gift for the host, something that shows that you put thought and planning into it. If traveling with other guests, it is polite to bring something for everyone to enjoy. A box of chocolates, fruit basket or cheese plate are just a few examples.

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