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Pets & Jets: What You Need to Know

1. Always tell us in advance if you plan to travel with your pet. We want to ensure that your aircraft is pet friendly and the crew is not allergic to pets.

2. Keep in mind that the rules and regulations will change if you’re flying internationally and each country does have varying laws about the importation of pets.

3. Bring a small, carry-on kennel or crate so your pet is safe during take-off and landing. Most jets allow dogs to fly outside of the crate by their owners’ side during the rest of the flight, as long as they are well behaved.

4. If traveling with your dog, bring a harness in case there is turbulence on the flight. This will allow the dog to be strapped to a designated seating area with his owner.

5. Bring a cozy blanket your dog can use as a bed during the flight. The blanket will also help protect the seats on the jet from damage.

6. If you’re flying during your pet’s mealtime, be sure to pack food for your dog or we will be happy to arrange to have dog treats on the flight.

7. You may also wish to bring a quiet toy or bone to keep your dog occupied and quiet during the flight.

8. Make sure your pet gets a bathroom break before boarding the aircraft. If you’re planning a longer trip and need a stop-over during your flight to give your dog a break, let us know in advance and we will arrange this for you.

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Flying with Pets in the U.S.

The US Department of Transportation and the Department of Agriculture has the following guidelines for flying with pets within the United States:

1. Dogs & cats must be at least 8 weeks old.
2. Animals must already have been weaned.
3. You must carry proof of a rabies vaccination.
4. Each State has specific Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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