Children, Pets and Private Jets

Did you know that both children and pets are frequent fliers of ours here at FlyPrivate? Not only do we welcome the entire family on our private flights, we are also competently equipped to accommodate their often unique requirements.

Whether you and your family are flying from one home to another, traveling to a vacation destination, or in need of transportation to and from an event, we’ve got you covered! Our Client Services team has 20+ years of experience arranging these types of flights and with fellow parents and animal lovers in your corner, we understand the importance of keeping the whole family happy. If you travel with your children, pets, or both, here are a few pointers to make your trip as relaxing and pleasant as possible.

When booking your next family flight, here are just some of the things we take into consideration for our clients:

FlyPrivate with Children

  • Safety is the number one concern for all of our passengers, especially when flying with children. All of our operators adhere to strict safety guidelines and we only charter aircraft that has met very strict and specific safety standards. All flights arranged by FlyPrivate are operated by Part 135 Certified Air Carriers.
  • From in-flight games and activities to catered kid-friendly meal options, our goal is to make your private flight as enjoyable as possible for you and your children. If you have a request, we will do our very best to accommodate it.
  • We understand that adequate, restful sleep is an important part of a child’s daily routine. Many private jets have reclining seats as well as divan seating for a great napping spot. We can also arrange your flight times around a schedule that works best for you and your family.
  • At times, flying with children can create the need to bring extra luggage on your trip. From strollers to portable cribs, we will make sure your aircraft has adequate space for all of the necessities and extras. Flying private also offers you the added benefit of having car service drop off and pick up right outside of the aircraft. The less time you spend worrying about the details, the more pleasurable and restful your experience will be.

FlyPrivate with Pets

  • We recognize that pets are an important part of your family. If you choose to fly private, your pets will get the same care and service as his human counterparts. For starters, this means that your pet will be welcome to fly with you and the rest of his family in the cabin.
  • On commercial flights, most animals are shipped with the cargo, making flying a very stressful experience for the animal and owner. Flying privately helps eliminate this stress and makes for a much more favorable experience for everyone. This can be especially important to clients traveling frequently with their pets.
  • The rules for flying with pets can vary by country as well as by airport. At FlyPrivate, we will make all of the travel arrangements and make sure your pet has the right documentation ahead of time to board and land at your destinations without any hassle.
  • As with all members of your family, your pets’ flying experience is very important to us. If you would like any extras on board (i.e. treats, a bed, toys, etc.) we can arrange this for you with advance notice.
  • Learn more about traveling with your pet on our blog here: Your Jet Set Pet

Our experts are always at your service. Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can help you book your next trip.

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All flights arranged by Private Business Jets, LLC DBA FlyPrivate are operated by Part 135 Certified Air Carriers. FlyPrivate will act as your agent for the purpose of obtaining charter service.


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