The Challenger 605: All-Encompassing Enhancements

The Bombardier Challenger 605 is the fifth jet of the Challenger 600 series and it has earned its place in a line of exemplary jets. An upgrade to the Challenger 604,  the Challenger 605 offers several enhancements. Challenger 600 models have become the most sought after and versatile jets in the heavy jet category, and the 605 is no exception.

The Challenger 605 is powered with two General Electric CF34-3B engines that allow it to fly coast-to-coast and to many destinations abroad without a fuel stop. This aircraft has a range of around 4,274 statute miles with 8 passengers on board, at an average speed of 515 mph. The Challenger 605 features the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Integrated Avionics System, a larger display, turbulence detection radar, and fewer control panels to improve pilot efficiency, among other features. The 605 has a 200 lb payload improvement over the Challenger 604 due to better fuel economy, as well as improvements in weight distribution. Maintenance procedures have also been streamlined, allowing for a better overall experience for pilots and passengers alike.

The cabin of the Challenger 605 is very spacious with 6′ 1″ of standing height,  28′ 5″ in length, and measures over 8′ 2″ in width, making it the widest stand-up cabin in its class. Like the Challenger 604, cabin space can be configured into a 12-passenger conference space, in a double-club, forward or half club, or divan arrangement. This aircraft will accommodate 8-12 passengers comfortably as well as 2 crew members and a flight attendant. The Challenger 605 also has a generous baggage compartment providing 115 cubic feet of external storage that is accessible during flight.

The cabin improvements consist of 30% more natural lighting due to the larger, higher windows, larger LCD video monitors, improved work tables, more lighting throughout the cabin, new acoustical
insulation reducing interior noise and improvements to the cabin electronic system. The galley offers a better ergonomic design and more storage space. The full lavatory has also been upgraded from its predecessor to improve comfort. It is not hard to see why the Challenger 605 (and all the Challenger jets) are a favorite of private fliers.

The Challenger 605 is a fantastic option for travelers seeking a modern heavy jet that offers unmatched comfort, dependability, efficiency and luxury.

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Challenger 605 Specifications

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