Citation V: Performance, Baggage, Seating

A favorite in the light jet and Cessna family, the Citation V is modeled after the Citation SII with improved features such as a longer fuselage, more powerful engines and increased cabin and baggage space.

When it comes to light jets, the Citation V is known for its reliability, performance and cabin accommodations. This jet is able to take off and land on shorter runways than most light jets, making it a more spacious alternative to turboprops and very light jets with short runway capabilities.

The Citation V is a popular medium-range business jet for many reasons. The cabin measures 17.4 feet long, 4.8 feet in height and 4.9 feet in length. The engineers used the extra cabin space to offer passengers 360 degree, extra-wide rotating seats and additional baggage space both internal and external. Able to carry several suitcases and golf bags, the Citation V is perfect for short trips. It
offers unique passengers comforts for a light jet including: two-zone temperature control and a ventilation system used to eliminate drafts within the cabin. Triple-glazed windows and additional soundproofing make this jet one of the quietest light jets available and ideal for both business and personal trips.

The typical Citation V configuration can fit 7-9 passengers comfortably. This jet also offers an enclosed lavatory and a first-class refreshment center comes standard.

The Citation V is also impressive to both passengers and pilots due to its performance features. The cockpit offers 360 degree visibility. The twin Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines provide an impressive 2,900 lbs. of thrust and can maintain a cruising speed of 457 mph at a range of 1404 statute miles.

The Citation V popularity has also extended to several military operations around the world largely due to the impressive comfort features, safety rating and reliability. The Citation V continues to be one of the most sought after private jets on the market today.

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Citation V Specifications

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