The Nextant 400XTi: Reimagined. Rebuilt. Reborn.

“The Nextant 400XTi is one of the fastest aircraft in the sky, getting you to your destination quicker than anything else in this cabin size. And it goes further, with an operational radius that puts whole new territories within reach. Its ergonomically designed cabin optimizes space and efficiency while low-noise levels minimize fatigue. Fully equipped to support high-value users, its data and communications systems ensure maximum productivity at all times.” – Nextant Aerospace

The Nextant 400XT is an upgraded (re-manufactured) version of both the BeechJet 400 and Hawker 400XP, two of the most popular light jets available for charter.  These jets were transformed from nose to tail to optimize performance and functionality, while lowering the overall operational costs. The Nextant 400XTi was later launched as an improved version of the Nextant 400XT.  The improved Nextant boasts new engines, improvements in aerodynamics, a new avionics suite and completely redesigned cabin. Compared to its predecessor, the Hawker 400XP, the Nextant 400XT/XTi is faster and can fly 50 percent further while consuming significantly less fuel. 88% of the Nextant 400XT/XTi aircraft is new and improved compared to the BeechJet 400/Hawker 400XP.

The Nextant 400XT/XTi has a virtually silent cabin that passengers love for both its comfort and privacy. The unique and customizable cabin design features flat floors, additional headroom, and several seating arrangements. Passengers will enjoy the improved HD entertainment systems and enhanced productivity technologies, allowing them to work or leisurely pass the time. The Nextant 400XTi also has a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite found in newer private jet cockpits.

The interior of the Nextant 400XT/XTi can comfortably fit 8 passengers with several different cabin configurations including club and divan seating options. The cabin is over 15 feet long, 4′ 9″ tall and 4′ 11″ wide. The interior also has a full-service galley and increased space in the lavatory. The Nextant 400XT/XTi has ample baggage space providing a total of 56 cubic feet of internal and external storage.

The Nextant 400XT/XTis are favorites amongst private fliers. The Nextant 400XT/XTis are popular because they offer all the perks of a new jet as far as range (2305 statute miles), speed (466 mph average) and cabin comforts (362 ft³ cabin volume) – all at an unmatched value.

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Nextant 400XTi Aircraft Specifications

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