Overcoming Business Travel Obstacles


We are all familiar with the common headaches that are associated with traveling, but when the trip is for business, many of these travel mishaps are even more intensified.

A recent study conducted by The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) surveyed over 500 business travelers. The survey revealed valuable insight into the travel issues they had experienced while traveling for business.

Travel Mishaps Reported

1. Travel delays due to weather (54%)
2. Delayed departures (48%)
3. Airplane incident (mechanical issues, late arrivals,
cancellations, etc.) (40%)
4. Missed connecting flights (16%)

Additional Issues Reported

5. Lost luggage
6. Long security lines
7. Unexpected gate changes
8. Not knowing who to call if issues arise

While some of these issues can be tough to combat, the use of private aviation can alleviate the majority of concerns for business professionals, saving time and therefore money as a result.

While weather delays can certainly affect private jet travel, working with a company like FlyPrivate ensures that these delays are as brief as possible. We have the contacts and resources to make sure you get in the air and to your destination safely, quickly and seamlessly.

Flying private also alleviates most arrival and departure delays and if an issue does arise with your chartered jet, mechanical or otherwise, we have the means and capabilities to find you a replacement jet to help avoid further delays. Private jet charter also virtually eliminates the hassle of missed connecting flights and business travelers often turn to private aviation when their commercial flights are postponed. We even offer “Sandwich Trips” for business travelers who choose to fly a mix of both commercial and private flights to their end destination.

Other travel obstacles such as lost luggage, long security lines and unexpected gate changes are also eliminated when flying privately out of FBOs. An FBO is a primary provider of support services to private or general aviation. FBOs are free of the congestion and confinement of a commercial terminal, providing a more relaxed and private environment. No lines, no baggage terminals, and no waiting at the gate for your plane.

At FlyPrivate, our team of industry experts is here to make sure your business trip goes off without a hitch. We will not only arrange all of your jet travel, we are also happy to help with catering, ground transportation, hotel recommendations, etc. At FlyPrivate we are available 24/7 to make sure all of your private aviation needs are not only met, but exceeded.

If we can help you plan your next business trip, please call us at 800-641-5387 (JETS) or email us at fly@flyprivate.com. We would be happy to provide you with a complimentary flight quote. Together we will make your next business trip a success!

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