Flying with Firearms…What you need to know.

If you have a license to carry and plan to travel with your firearm(s), it is important to understand the law as it relates to carrying a firearm on a chartered private aircraft. It is most beneficial for you to inform us in advance that you would like to travel with your firearm, to avoid any interruptions or delays in your service.

As the law states: “No person may, while on board an aircraft being operated by a certificate holder, carry on or about that person a deadly or dangerous weapon, either concealed or unconcealed. Section 135.119 does not apply to LEOs (law enforcement officials) or to crew members and other persons authorized by the certificate holder to carry arms.”

TSA states: “Travelers may only transport UNLOADED firearms in a locked, hard-sided container as checked baggage. The container must be completely secured from being accessed. All firearms, ammunition and firearm parts, including firearm frames, receivers, clips and magazines are prohibited in carry-on baggage.”

While this regulation appears to limit the possession of firearms on private flights, if you are granted permission by the charter operator, either directly or within its operations specs, you would be exempt from the above regulation and granted permission to carry your firearms. You may still be subject to additional regulations as well, depending on the FBO or airport’s specific regulations.

Remember to always check with us. If granted permission from the operator, you will be able to carry firearms if it is lawful to do so at both your departure and arrival FBO or airport. If flying into an airport, you will need to remain outside of the sterile areas and your firearms will be subject to the laws of the states in which you are flying.

Of course, we are more than happy to answer any of your specific questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can provide you with a flight quote or help you with anything else regarding your private aviation needs.

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