FAA Regulation Changes for Pilots

Cockpit 8850aIf you use commercial aviation, there are important changes that have taken effect that you need to know! Beginning January 4, 2014, FAA regulations of crew duty rest time have changed. Some of these changes are dramatic and have introduced an element of
uncertainty that could have an impact on future travel.

What You Need to Know

  • The new rules dictate that pilots are required to get 30 consecutive hours free from duty each week, a 25% bump up from the previous requirements.
  • Pilots are also required to get 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep
    before each flight duty period
    . Pilots were previously only required to get 8 hours off before flight duty, including travel time to and from hotels.
  • The requirement changes have already lead to increased flight
    (particularly in bad weather) and pilot shortages.
  • These pilot shortages will be especially detrimental to regional
    airlines. Communities that rely solely on regional airlines are going to start experiencing loss of service altogether in particular areas.

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