Lear 45: Eight is Enough

Photo credit: Bombardier

The Learjet 45’s cabin can accommodate 8 passengers and a flightcrew of two. Passengers love the 8 captains chairs that come standard on board. The additional legroom, galley storage, full width aft restroom, and wider than average seats offer passengers a comfortable and practical experience. This jet also offers work tables that fold down from the walls and a quiet, temperature controlled cabin, ideal for working from the air. The Learjet 45 has an external baggage compartment that provides 50 cubic feet of baggage space and another 15 cubic feet of internal storage. The Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite comes standard on the Learjet 45XR and includes a 3-D approach navigation system.

The Bombardier Learjet 45 was first introduced at the US National Business Aircraft Association’s annual convention in 1992, and the first consumer aircraft was delivered in 1998. The Learjet 45 was designed to replace the Learjet 35 and offers the classic Learjet layout with enhanced and improved design features. In 2004, the Learjet 45 evolved into the Learjet 45XR which offers an upgraded engine and improved climbing performance.

Photo credit: Bombardier

The Learjet 45, and newer Learjet 45XR, are categorized within the light jet class, but offer many of the features and benefits found in midsize jets. When looking at performance, the Learjet 45 excels in both high and low speed handling, runway performance and fuel efficiency. On the interior, the Learjet 45 was designed to offer the most passenger space possible for a light jet.

When comparing the cruise performance, the Learjet 45 is top in its class. It can cruise at speeds of 489 mph and is able to fly 1,597 statute miles nonstop. This jet also offers the most advanced anti-ice system of any light or midsize jet, can complete a 1,000 statute mile trip in just over 2 hours, and the 904-gallon fuel system can be filled rapidly in about 10 minutes, offering very quick turnaround. The Learjet 45 really shines at cruise altitude and offers exceptional handling capabilities, as well as fuel economy. The Learjet 45 and Learjet 45XR are great options for anyone looking for a cost-effective light jet that offers superior performance.

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Learjet 45 Aircraft Specifications

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