Where Will Your Legacy Take You?

The Embraer Legacy 600 is a highly regarded heavy jet known for its superior cabin amenities and overall performance. The Legacy 600 has a class-leading, three-zone cabin configuration, a visibly larger lavatory and  plenty of baggage space for all passengers.

According to Embraer, “the aircraft was developed to cost effectively meet the air travel needs of corporations, successful entrepreneurs and heads of state. Designed using the highly successful ERJ 135 platform, the Legacy 600 combines cabin comfort, performance and operating efficiency.”

The Legacy 600 is fully equipped for business, but also designed with passenger comforts in mind. The three-zone cabin allows for work and relaxation to take place simultaneously without interfering with one another. The cabin measures at 6′ in height, 6′ 10″ in width and 49′ 9″ in length. Some of the technological amenities include: WiFi, power outlets, a multi-line phone system, two 17-inch flat screen TV monitors, DVD player, LED lighting, a Honeywell Ovation Select™ cabin management system, and a conference table area. The galley of the Legacy 600 is also quite impressive and often includes: a convection and microwave oven, a cutting board, electrical outlets, wine chiller, and refrigerator. With the largest, most spacious cabin, lavatory and baggage space (286 cubic feet) of most heavy jets, the Legacy 600 offers something for everyone.

As far as performance goes, the Legacy 600 does not disappoint. This jet has two Rolls Royce AE3007A1E high-bypass, turbofan, dual FADEC engines, allowing it a range of 3740 statue miles and a cruise speed of 528 mph, carrying up to 14 passengers. The engines are both fuel efficient and quiet, the best of both worlds. Some of the seats on this aircraft also lay flat for a pleasant sleeping experience, while 22 large windows provide a more spacious feel.

Photo credits: Embraer

It is not just passengers who enjoy flying in the Legacy 600. Keeping with the theme of spaciousness, pilots love the large cockpit and Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite with the latest advancements in aviation technology. For a jet of its size, the Legacy 600 is also remarkably inexpensive to operate and compares in costs to smaller jets. Embraer commends the Legacy 600 for its “outstanding operational flexibility in: busy air spaces, terrain-challenged airports and poor weather conditions.”

All in all, Embraer has demonstrated a clear understanding of the needs of business travelers and has exceeded expectations in performance, cabin luxuries and pilot operations.

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