I Own a Plane…Why Do I Need FlyPrivate?

We’ve heard it many times. “But I own a plane, why would I need your services?” Well the answer is actually quite simple. FlyPrivate is the perfect solution for aircraft owners when their jets are not available for any of the following reasons:

  • Your jet is not available because it is having maintenance or being serviced.
  • Your jet is already occupied by a family member or colleague.
  • Your jet is getting some upgrades or being refurbished.
  • Your jet doesn’t fit your requirements for a particular trip (i.e. maybe you need a larger or smaller aircraft)
  • Your jet is across the country and repositioning it to pick you up may be more costly than a one-way chartered flight.

We have access to all models of aircraft, most likely yours, to allow a seamless replacement. Of course there are several alternatives when your aircraft is not available, but our “pay as you fly” business model allows you the most flexibility at the lowest cost to you. Our CEO, Don Smith, talks about all the benefits in a brief interview below.

Why "Pay as you fly?"

Why the interest in “Pay as you fly?”

Gain access to all models of aircraft:

We offer both one-way and round trip pricing.

Many jet owners get the call from friends or associates “to see if your jet is available”, your jet may be operated under Part 91, or if you are a fractional owner, associates or family may be eating up your hours. Others in this sometimes uncomfortable position send their referrals to us so we can take great care of them. In return, we pay you a referral fee or pass along the savings to your friend!

Whatever your needs, we can get you there and we’d appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your next trip.

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All flights arranged by Private Business Jets, LLC DBA FlyPrivate are operated by Part 135 Certified Air Carriers. FlyPrivate will act as your agent for the purpose of obtaining charter service.

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