Don’t Let These Things Happen to You

Jet Cards are a dime a dozen these days. It can be very difficult to weed through them all and even harder to distinguish one from
another. One question you should ask is “Why does this company need to hold on to my money?” As people who have been in this
business for more than 17 years, we can tell you. They hold your money because many of them need you to fund their company. You don’t need to look hard on Google to find the following tales of woe:

1. I sent my jet card company $200K and now they’re out of business. The bad news is that you’ve lost your money. The worse news is that you can’t get it back. Most jet cards’ customers are nothing more than general creditors of the company. If they go out of business or get sued, etc., your money is gone, plain and simple. Why put yourself in this position and take the risk?

2. I booked a flight with my jet card company, the aircraft had a mechanical, and my jet card company left me stranded. We hear this frequently. Of course, it’s a fact of life in our business that jets are machines and machines break from time to time. However, it’s not what happens to you in life that makes the difference, rather it’s how you react to what happens to you. There’s nobody in the industry who recovers faster than us when there’s an issue with an aircraft. We’ve never stranded anyone.

3. My jet card company advertises a low hourly rate but my flights are costing more than I had anticipated. This is the classic “bait and switch” jet card two-step and we see it daily. They bring people into their program with promises of low hourly rates and guaranteed pricing. The advertised prices are too low for them to make money so they add on things like fuel surcharges, taxi fees, positioning charges, bloated and inflated flight times and on and on. The problem here is that the company is holding your money so you typically don’t find out what you’re really being charged until well after the flight. Don’t fall for this dishonesty.

4. My jet card company doesn’t tell me what kind of aircraft I’m going to be getting. Again, when such low hourly rates are advertised, the only way for these companies to make money is to put you in the cheapest aircraft possible. Our customers typically like to know what type of aircraft they’re getting prior to the trip. We tell our customers the type, the year of manufacture, and any other information they need to know. If your jet card company won’t give you this information, there’s probably good reason.

Don’t fall victim to the Jet Card game. FlyPrivate and let us take care of all your private aviation needs without the hassle and red tape.

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