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The Gulfstream G150 is a high speed super midsize jet with a “dispatch-reliability rating higher than 99.8 percent,” according to Gulfstream. Versatility is a mainstay of the Gulfstream G150. This aircraft offers ample cabin space, a cockpit equipped with advanced flight deck technology, and is able to fly coast to coast in just 6 hours.

The G150 can travel non-stop over 3,100 statute miles at a cruise speed of 482 mph. With a forward galley, taller sidewalls that provide generous headroom, and a fully enclosed lavatory, the G150 specializes in passenger comforts. There is also 80 cubic feet of baggage space allowing passengers to bring their golf bags while still leaving room for additional luggage. “Closets at the front and the rear of the plane offer enough storage for anything one might need to access in-flight.”

Gulfstream 150 Interior

The Gulfstream G150 sets the standard for both versatility and efficiency. The G150 can seat up to 8 people at max capacity in a number of different configurations, some with sleeping arrangements. The cabin is ideal for conducting business on the go with advanced soundproofing technologies that cuts outside noise significantly. To combat fatigue and contribute to passenger comfort, fresh air is circulated around the cabin every two minutes. The 11 oval windows allow for more natural light in the cabin giving it a more spacious feel and making for a more enjoyable ride.

The interior of the Gulfstream G150 is 465 cubic feet, with a cabin height of 5′ 10″, width of 5′ 10″ and length of 17′ 9″. Many G150s come standard with other cabin technologies including: a high-definition entertainment center and televisions, satellite phone, CD/DVD player, Wi-Fi network, electrical outlets, and tables to conduct work or enjoy a meal.

Gulfstream 150 Interior

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The G150 is also a pilot-friendly aircraft with impressive cockpit capabilities. According to Gulfstream, “Flight information, weather conditions, electronic charts and options for advanced navigation create one of the most technologically equipped super midsize business aircraft ever to take flight. Four liquid crystal displays provide pilots crisp graphics and flight data. The avionics system also features an Engine-Indication and Crew-Alerting System, which monitors key engine performance and alerts pilots when a component is operating outside ideal parameters. The flight management system also integrates a Global Positioning System and a diagnostic maintenance computer.”

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