Falcon 7X: “The benchmark for the 21st century business jet”

At the top of its class, the Falcon 7X outperforms its competitors in range, efficiency, comfort, technology and design. The 7X is a heavy jet that delivers on all the promises it makes to both pilots and passengers.

Dassault’s Falcon 7X has revolutionized the business jet market with the industry’s first Digital Flight Control System, backed by Dassault’s 30 years of military experience. Transferred directly from Dassault’s fighter jets, this technology gives more precise handling and reduces workload, improving safety. It also mitigates the effects of turbulence for a smooth and quiet ride.

Photo Credits: Dassault Falcon

The Falcon 7X’s cabin is taller, wider and designed for an ideal travel experience with 28 windows, ambient lighting, three spacious climate-controlled lounge areas, and technology that makes the cabin quiet for work or rest. The air inside the cabin is humidified and the cabin pressure at 41,000 feet feels like 3,950 feet. While all Falcon 7Xs come standard with a full galley and lavatory, some also come equipped with a second lavatory or an on-board shower, ensuring passengers have everything they need for a pleasant flight and are ready and rested when they arrive at their destination.

According to Dassault, “the advanced cabin management system provides a full complement of entertainment and connectivity tools in an exceptionally user-friendly format. Work, relax, manage cabin features, track flight progress and communicate — and do it all using your own portable devices from anywhere in the cabin. Falcon Cabin HD+ also includes Skybox, the media server with vast iTunes video and music capacity.”

This aircraft has a range of around 6,100 statute miles with 12 passengers on board and flies at an average speed of 548 mph. The Falcon 7X has a fuel consumption that is 15 to 30% lower than other heavy jets and is powered by three Pratt & Whitney engines, delivering 6,400 pounds of thrust each. Most impressively, it can fly multiple short and long trips without refueling.

The highly intuitive cabin of the Falcon 7X is very spacious measuring 39 feet in length, 7.6 feet in width, and offering over 6 feet of standing height. This aircraft will accommodate 10-12 passengers comfortably, as well as 2 crew members and a flight attendant. The Falcon 7X also has a generous baggage compartment providing 131 cubic feet of storage space.

Other notable features of this jet include: the fly-by-wire system that gives pilots greater control by limiting the pitch of the aircraft, a completely new wing design and unique aerodynamics allowing it to take-off and land at slower speeds giving it access to thousands of small airports. With all of these state-of-the-art enhancements, it is easy to see why the Falcon 7X is a heavy jet favorite.

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Falcon 7X Specifications

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