Cheers for the Citation Bravo

The Cessna Citation Bravo was certified as an upgrade to the best-selling Citation II. With a number of improved features, this light jet is a favorite among customers looking for convenience and comfort.

The Citation Bravo has a long range when compared to other light jets, able to travel 1484 statute miles non-stop, easily flying from New York to Miami for example. The Bravo cruises at average speeds of 459 mph and offers impressive short runway capabilities, allowing it to be chartered in and out of smaller airports closer to your destination. While its costs are similar to the Citation II, it surpasses it significantly in performance, using far less fuel per hour. The heightened performance of the Citation Bravo is largely due to the Pratt & Whitney turbofan engines and the Bravo was the first light jet to be equipped with them. New landing gear also makes landings much smoother than comparable jets, even on uneven pavement.

In terms of comfort, the Citation Bravo is at the top of its class. The engineers designed the Bravo to have a quiet cabin with insulation and isolated interior shell to eliminate engine noise, while a seal on the cabin door eliminates wind noise. The Bravo can accommodate seven passengers with club seating, and has a partial galley as well as a lavatory on board. The cabin measures 15′ 10″ in length, 4′ 9″ in height and 4′ 10″ in width. The baggage space in the Citation Bravo is generous at 74 cubic feet and can hold several suitcases and gold bags. There is also additional storage in drawers under the seats.

Citation Bravos are well liked among pilots because they are an easy jet to fly and can be flown solo. Pre-flight, service and maintenance procedures were also designed to aid the flight crew, while the cockpit is equipped with systems to relay traffic information, radar to watch the weather and digital maps. Between the unmatched operating costs and passenger comforts, it is easy to see why the Citation Bravo is a passenger and pilot favorite.

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