Business Jet Setting: 10 Tips for Success

1. Arrive early. With no security lines and no crowds, there is no excuse for being late and causing others delays. Time is money.

2. Have your ID ready. Be sure to bring the proper ID and travel documents with you and have them readily accessible.

3. Dress for success. Remember that you represent your business and your boss, so plan to wear something comfortable yet appropriate for the occasion and avoid strong fragrances that could be irritating to others on board.

4. Pack light. Do not bring more baggage than allowed and if you don’t know what’s appropriate, ASK!

5. Do your homework. The private terminal is called an FBO, “fixed base operation.” There is a pilot and co-pilot who fly in the flight deck, while the passengers fly in the cabin. As on a boat, the lavatory is the bathroom and galley is the kitchen. Some flights will have
additional crew including flight attendants.

6. Where do I sit? Don’t board or sit until senior executives choose their seats. It is not impolite to ask your boss where they would like you to sit, but if you must choose your seat yourself, be mindful of privacy and who will likely be conversing during the flight.

7. Talk the talk. Keep business conversations relevant or let the boss initiate the topic. Treat this time as an extension of your workday. If the opportunity for non-business conversation arises, keep it light and steer clear of any controversial topics.

8. Can I have another? Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum. It is usually pretty safe to follow your boss’s lead, but be smart.
Contribute to the conversation to show you’re a valuable asset to your team.

9. Respect the amenities. This should go without saying, but keep plane lavatories clean and realize that you will have to sacrifice some privacy because of tight accommodations. After a long flight, allow everyone to freshen up before deplaning, especially if headed right into a board meeting.

10. Lights out. If the lights are out and the shades are drawn, it is designated sleeping time in the cabin. If you’re not planning to sleep, be respectful of other passengers trying to rest and keep the noise and lights to a minimum.

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