What should I know about insuring my coastal vacation home ?

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By Robert H. Erdmann, ARM, President

Felton, Berlin & Erdmann Insurance Services Inc.

Many families today own a vacation home. While a second home on historic Nantucket or on the waterfront of Naples, FL, is a wonderful luxury, complicated issues can arise when it comes to insuring them. In fact, it has become quite challenging to insure homes not just in Naples, but in most parts of Florida, as well as in summer spots such as the Hamptons, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. These challenges make it even more critical that you work with an advisor who understands the subtleties of insuring a vacation home and the factors specific to each region of the country.


When individuals buy secondary residences, they often rely on a
local insurance agent to provide coverage options. Oftentimes, these small firms are not able to provide the best protection for
exposures facing affluent clients and the locale itself.

So, how should you proceed when insuring a coastal vacation home, particularly one in a high-risk location?

Read the full article featured in Worth by Robert H. Erdmann of
Felton, Berlin & Erdmann Insurance Services Inc.

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