The Piaggio Avanti: A Hybrid Turboprop

Italian aerospace company Piaggio’s P-180 Avanti II is a luxurious and economical turboprop with cabin amenities and interior space comparable to larger light and midsize jets. When it comes to performance, the Piaggio Avanti is significantly faster than a traditional turboprop and operates more like a jet with props.  The Avanti II is often thought to be a turboprop-jet hybrid and offers passengers and pilots the best of both worlds.

As stated by Piaggio, “With its totally innovative aerodynamic solutions, the design of the P180 Avanti II is unique and unmistakable. A single, continuous aerodynamic curve surrounds the Piaggio P180 Avanti II from nose to tail to create a perfect profile that maintains laminar flow, thus minimizing drag and maximizing performance. Thanks to the configuration with three lifting surfaces, drag is reduced by 34% when compared with conventional aircraft. This amazing design solution, which significantly reduces weight and drag, translates into higher performance combined with remarkably low operating costs.”

The Piaggio Avanti II is an expertly designed aircraft with technological innovations that allow for a 40% reduction in emissions and fuel consumption compared to other jets in its category and is considered a “green aircraft” for its environmental management system. For many of these reasons, P180 Avanti II is one of “the most widely used aircraft in public services such as air ambulance and air rescue missions, law enforcement, and flight inspections that ensure the safety of people and property.”

The P180 is equipped with two powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-66B engines located at the rear of the plane and facing backwards, allowing for a quieter and more comfortable cabin. Piaggio also notes that “it is equipped with the comprehensive Collins Pro Line 21, digital avionics suite, which is completely integrated with the aircraft’s navigation and communication systems…” The Avanti II is the fastest turboprop ever built with a range of 1715  statue miles,  a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet and an average speed of 462 mph. It is capable of landing on shorter runways of less than 3000 feet, enabling it to reach destinations and airports not served by other business jets. The Piaggio outperforms many business jets in power, technologies and economical operation, making it both a passenger and pilot favorite.

The Piaggio’s cabin is very impressive at 5’8″ in height, 6′ in width and 14’11” in length. It can comfortably fit 8 passengers (and two crew members) in several configuration options with comfy, fully reclining leather seats, and beautiful Italian styling. The baggage compartment is also quite roomy with 44 cubic feet of space accessible from the outside of the aircraft, and large enough to hold bigger items like golf bags and skis. This aircraft also comes standard with a restroom at the rear of the plane with a sliding panel door for privacy.

Piaggio has demonstrated a clear understanding of the needs of business travelers and exceeds expectations in performance and cabin luxuries for turboprop fliers.

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Piaggio P-180 Avanti II Specifications

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