The Gulfstream 280: A Smart Charter Choice

Images courtesy of: Gulfstream Aerospace
Images courtesy of: Gulfstream Aerospace

In 2009, Gulfstream Aerospace’s G280 took its first flight, and since has become a very popular jet in the super midsize category. The G280 was designed with the input of many existing Gulfstream customers on their Customer Advisory Board. Some notable enhancements include: a new wing, tail, engine and an updated interior. The jet also features the Gulfstream PlaneView 280 cockpit developed from the Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line Fusion avionics suite. According to Gulfstream, “A newly designed long, sleek wing and high thrust engines increase range and speed, yet fuel economy is so well maximized the G280 has earned best-in-class fuel efficiency.”

The Gulfstream G280 quickly became one of the most popular jets in the super midsize class because it offers unmatched performance and handling capabilities, as well as a quiet and exceptionally comfortable cabin. The G280 can fly non-stop for up to 8 hours, surpassing all other midsize and super midsize business jets, and has the ability to take off and land from shorter airfields. With remarkable fuel efficiency, the G280 is said to consume 12% less fuel than comparable jets.

The cabin of the G280 is also impressive. Some notable features include:  a 6’3″ cabin height, 935 cubic feet of cabin space, seating for up to 8 passengers with some models offering beds for up to 5 passengers, 19 windows for maximum natural light, 100% fresh air circulation and a cabin management system that allows passengers to adjust the lighting, temperature, high-definition monitors and other entertainment features from an on-board iPod Touch. The G280 comes with a galley equipped with all the essentials for meal and beverage service, as well as an aft lavatory with floor-to-ceiling closets, a vacuum toilet, vanity, and mirror.

Photos courtesy of Gulfstream Aerospace

The Gulfstream CabinView system also allows passengers to monitor and track flight progress, map geographic boundaries and shows other points of interest. The G280 has ample baggage space with 154 cubic feet of space, with rear storage accessible from inside the aircraft.

The Gulfstream G280 is a fantastic super midsize jet for passengers looking for a best-in-class option for both business and personal travel. The G280 continues to outperform the competition and exceed private fliers’ expectations.

Gulfstream G280 Aircraft Specifications

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