More places to go this summer…

We hope you are enjoying your summer and wanted to take a minute to thank all of our customers who have already booked
summer and fall trips with us!

We are happy to see that many of our corporate fliers, as well as our family travelers, are filling the private skies. If your company has any summer travel on the calendar, please do not hesitate to call or email our Client Services team for a flight quote.

It is also not too early to take advantage of availability and options for fall travel and events. As the weather gets colder heading into fall, the demand for jet charter will increase.

When the inclement weather in the Northeast, Midwest and Pacific Northwest leads to unpredictable commercial flight delays and
cancellations, you have a better option. Conditions such as heavy fog, snow, sleet and ice can delay both commercial and private flights, but by choosing to charter a private aircraft, you may be able to avoid some of the inclement weather problems by flying into  smaller, alternate airports. In the event of a delay, choosing private jet charter also offers you flexibility, security and personalized
service to get you to your destination on time. Make sure your flights are booked in advance and leave all of the logistics to us!

Summer Trips on the Calendar?
FlyPrivate to attend:

Fall Travel Reminders

While advanced booking is important heading into fall and winter, there is still plenty of summer left. If you haven’t booked, please let us know! It is the perfect time to start thinking about booking your commuter trips to your second homes and holiday travel, to get the best rates and flight options.

We appreciate your continued support of FlyPrivate and look forward to your next trip!

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Phone: 1-800-641-JETS (5387)

All flights arranged by Private Business Jets, LLC DBA FlyPrivate are operated by Part 135 Certified Air Carriers. FlyPrivate will act as your agent for the purpose of obtaining charter service.

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