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Health may not be the first thing you consider when making travel plans for business or pleasure, but it is probably one of the most
important things you should consider. What if you get sick the night before a big presentation or on vacation? And while the risk is low, what if there is a true medical emergency? Do you know what to do?

According to Dr. Dan Carlin, CEO and Lead Physician of WorldClinic, the major issues that put you at risk are dramatically increased in a time sensitive health crisis. “The Golden Hour represents the time
delay between the onset of a crisis and the start of effective
treatment. The longer care is delayed during the Golden Hour, the greater the opportunity for something serious to turn truly
dangerous or deadly,” he advises. Dr. Carlin suggests a travel plan of action and intelligence.

  1. Know who to call for help.  Every country has a 911 equivalent:
  2. Know where the reliable doctors and hospitals are.  Resources include the local consulate or embassy, travel assistance number on the back of your credit card, or your hotel concierge–call them to find out how they have dealt with emergencies in the past. Try to verify the information; there should be concordance between resources.
  3. Check real time reports on where you are going.  Do this well
    before your travel date.
  4. Carry a prescription medical kit and know how to use it.  This is your frontline defense against the Golden Hour.

If you are traveling abroad, acquire the knowledge and a make plan. WorldClinic Members receive a travel brief that outlines all local risks, health resources and other pertinent information for each
destination. WorldClinic members have direct access to the on call ER physician who has secure access to their medical records and through the use of the Prescription Medical Kit can diagnose and treat via telemedicine. Medevac is included in membership.

Let us help you travel safely.

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