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Photo courtesy of The Masters© Golf Tournament

The Masters© Golf Tournament is right around the corner and the Augusta National Golf Club is not the only place in the Augusta area busy preparing for the festivities to be held April 3rd-9th, 2023. If you’re planning to use private aviation to get you to and from the action on the fairway, it is imperative that you plan ahead. With thousands of private aircraft expected to be traveling through two of the most popular local FBOs, Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) and Aiken Aviation Enterprises (AIK), flights book quickly and arrival slots and parking is limited.

Over the years, we’ve had the chance to interview the Director of Aviation Services at AGS and the Customer Service Supervisor at AIK, to ask them what passengers should expect when flying into the area during The Masters© week. They also gave us an inside look at what it takes to prepare for such a large international event and how they will accommodate all of the additional travelers. Enjoy!

FlyPrivate®: “What are you doing to prepare for the influx of traffic expected during The Masters© tournament?”

AGS Director of Aviation Services: “We start the planning process as early as August. We review items from the previous year’s event and continually make tweaks to the operations to ensure that the proper staffing levels and supplies are sufficient. We have implemented an aircraft parking reservation system which will help maximize ramp space utilization.”

AIK Customer Service Supervisor: “To prepare for the influx of traffic during The Masters tournament, Aiken Aviation takes many steps to ensure a convenient and pleasurable experience for each individual. Aiken Aviation brings in additional fuel trucks for speedy fueling, additional transportation to transport passengers and pilots to and from their aircraft if needed, and the line and customer service hours are extended to accommodate those arriving or departing outside of our normal operating hours.”

Photo courtesy of The Masters© Golf Tournament

FlyPrivate®: “Do you plan to ramp up staff for the event? If so, approximately by how much?”

AGS: “Yes, we bring in additional fuelers and customer service support. We normally operate with 15 employees but that number increases to 65 during Master’s week.”

AIK: “Aiken Aviation is doubling its staff for the event in order to swiftly and professionally accommodates each aircraft.”

Photo courtesy of The Masters© Golf Tournament

FlyPrivate®: “On average, how many flights in and out of AGS and AIK do you expect during these dates?”

AGS: “Augusta Regional Airport typically has about 2000 operations during the week and we’re expecting a slight improvement for this year.”

AIK: “Aiken Aviation has a little over 400 arrivals during the week of The Masters. This year we are looking forward to another great week of flights.”

Photo courtesy of The Masters© Golf Tournament

FlyPrivate®: “Which dates are the most popular for flights? (i.e. What are the busiest days?)”

AGS: “Thursday is probably the busiest day because it’s the first official day for tournament play followed by the last day, Sunday evening. It’s hustle and bustle to ensure that every flight is ready for departure. It’s an amazing site to see airplanes departing one right after another.”

AIK: “The latter part of the week is the most popular for flights, when the practice rounds are over and the rounds take place on that Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

Photo courtesy of The Masters© Golf Tournament

FlyPrivate®: “Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about AGS and AIK that may be helpful when planning their trip?”

AGS: “Plan carefully and super early with respect to lodging, and transportation. Most importantly enjoy your golf experience, most people never get the opportunity.”

AIK: “It is a pleasant surprise at how easy and convenient it is to fly in and out of Aiken, plus we are an easy, non-congested drive (about 27 minutes) on Interstate 20 to get to the Augusta National Golf Course. Our prompt and personalized attention along with our Southern hospitality is always a delight. We are well-known for our superior customer service and we will strive to make all trips to Aiken, SC a memorable one.”

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