Lost: Round Trip Pricing. Found: Round Trip Pricing and a Lot of Cash!

Are you new to private aviation? Have you ever heard of round trip pricing? Probably not. Over the past few years all the major membership companies have phased it out.

Who wins? Jet Card/Jet Membership Company
Who loses? You

Let’s look at the example of a same-day trip from New York (TEB) to Indianapolis (IND). You depart at 9:00 AM and you return at 4:00 PM. The trip is just about 2 hours in each direction so it serves as a great example for other same-day destinations. You have 4 passengers and you prefer to fly in a midsize aircraft.

Jet Card/Jet Membership Cost:

It doesn’t matter which program you are in: Delta, Sentient Jet, Net Jets, Wheels Up, etc. Your hourly cost for a midsize jet is $7,000 per hour all in, billed at actual flight time plus taxi-time. In fact, it’s
actually a few hundred dollars more per hour, but the cost
difference is so extreme we actually rounded down!

Jet Card (Hawker 800XP, Citation XL)

Depart: 9:00 AM Arrive: 11:00 AM

Depart: 4:00 PM Arrive: 6:00 PM


(2 hours flight time)

(2 hours flight time)

4 Hours Total Flight Time x $7,000 per hour = $28,000

FlyPrivate (Hawker 800XP, Citation XL, Hawker 1000, Citation Sovereign)

Depart: 9:00 AM Arrive: 11:00 AM

Depart: 4:00 PM Arrive: 6:00 PM

(2 hours flight time)

(2 hours flight time)

At FlyPrivate, we will provide you with several midsize options (in this example trip, we also had super midsize jet availability for the same price).

You will know your full cost before you fly. We price by the trip, not by the hour, upfront and fixed. This method allows us to leverage the marketplace to get you the best pricing for the same aircraft the membership companies use.


4 Hours Total Flight Time x $4,842 per hour = $19,368 *all in

Citation XL: $19,368
Hawker 800XP: $19,368
Hawker 1000: $19,368
Citation Sovereign: $19,368 (super midsize jet)


Same-Day Trip

Jet Card: TEB-IND-TEB Midsize Jet = $28,000

FlyPrivate: TEB-IND-TEB Midsize Jet = $19,368

Savings with FlyPrivate: $8,632 (30.8%)


As previously stated, the major membership companies have phased out round trip pricing, to benefit themselves, not their clients like you. A couple of these jet card/membership companies offer you a 10-15% discount on some trips, but they are still gouging you by 30%, so a 12% give back now and then, makes everyone feel good.

Let us state this VERY clearly: You are overpaying by 30% for the SAME TRIP ON THE SAME AIRCRAFT.

Here is another secret, all the Part 135 Charter Brokerage Operations, including FlyPrivate and the jet card companies, select aircraft from the same supply.

In case it didn’t sink in the first time – YOU ARE OVERPAYING BY 30% FOR THE SAME AIRCRAFT!

Don’t continue down this path, now that you have been educated on this topic, please contact us for your next “round trip” itinerary and we will provide you with the options.

With our service, you only “Pay as You Fly”.

Join other experienced private fliers who have shed their membership and regained their capital. Over the past 15 years we have saved our clients millions of dollars and allowed them to fly hundreds more trips with the savings.


Don Smith
Chief Operating Officer FlyPrivate

P.S. Your “one-way” itineraries will also cost you less for the SAME AIRCRAFT.