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Q & A with Jan Jones: How Prevalent is Impostor Syndrome with Executive Assistants?

In this article, author Jan Jones, discusses how prevalent Impostor Syndrome is within the executive assistants profession.  FlyPrivate is a proud partner and associate of Jan Jones. Jan brings valuable, actionable information to executive assistants across the globe. We hope…

How Much Can I Bring?

How Much Luggage Can I Bring? We hear this exact question quite often from our clients. Many times our clients have very specific luggage requirements for their trips. They may need space for golf clubs, skis, firearms for a hunting…


Thanks so much for all your help. You always make this such a pleasant and painless experience for us.

Las Vegas, NV

Thanks again for the two upgrades on the trip. I really appreciate it since it made the trip much more comfortable for my wife and her new knee replacements.”

Lake Forest, IL

FlyPrivate might be smaller. We used to use Delta Air Elite. They didn’t respond right away and their system is more complicated.  As long as it’s easy for me that’s all I care about.

Chicago, IL

Steve, the plane was great, pilots were awesome and we had a great time. Thanks for everything buddy!

Chicago, IL