FlyPrivate Works for You

  1. Select your cabin size: Choose from Turboprop, Very Light, Light, Midsize, Super Midsize or Heavy Jets.
  2. Specify your itinerary: Tell us your destination, the date of your trip, and when you’ll be returning, and we’ll provide you with flight quotes and several jet options to suit your needs.
  3. Rapid trip confirmations: At FlyPrivate® you set your itinerary and we confirm the trip and price immediately. This benefit is typically reserved for ownership, fractional ownership, and jet membership which, unlike FlyPrivate®, require a substantial up-front deposit and commitment.
  4. Reduced pricing on one-way trips:  Have frequently traveled destinations? Take advantage of our logistical experience and receive discounted pricing on one-way trips.
  5. Flex Flight™: If your itinerary is flexible on FBOs or arrival and departure dates and times, we will offer you the option of a discount, upgrade, or discounted upgrade.
  6. Leverage larger network for cost savings: Compared to pre-paid membership and fractional ownership, you benefit from substantial savings because you are not limited to one aircraft.
  7. No blackout periods: At FlyPrivate® you will never pay a deposit and there are no holiday blackout dates.

Pricing Guidelines